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What We Do

We offer a comprehensive range of doors and loading bay equipment for supply chains, logistic centre, manufacturing and commercial environments. Our services include supply, installation, service, preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrade.

Due to our long experience in the industry, we have a wide range of suppliers, ensuring that all of your site requirements are fulfilled. We always aim to supply you with doors and loading bay equipment tailor-made for your requirements and budgets achieving the desired result.

We ensure the long-lasting life of the door or loading bay equipment by following the manufacturer installation process guidelines. We undertake manufacturer installation training and seminars, guaranteeing that products will operate efficiently and according to the datasheet. All products that we supply and install receive the warranty from the manufacturer through our business services.

Service to doors, traffic barriers, electric gates and loading bay equipment, is carried out in line with manufacturer recommendation and site environment. Replacing wearable parts on industrial doors, automated traffic barriers, electric gates or loading bay equipment ensures a long-lasting life of the equipment and provides the reassurance that safe operation and compliance are up to the highest standard.

We provide preventive maintenance and service for industrial doors, traffic barriers, electric gate and loading bay equipment. Maintenance and service are carried out accordingly with the product recommendation and site requirements. Preventive maintenance is a law requirement for certain products and environments. Monitoring your industrial door, traffic barrier, electric gate or loading bay equipment with maintenance and service will eliminate hazards and reduce operating costs.

We offer 24/7 emergency repair support for a wide range of industrial doors, automated traffic barriers, electric gates and loading bay equipment. We can support repairs for logistic centres, manufacturing and commercial sectors. We complement the emergency repair service for industrial doors, access equipment or loading bay equipment with a 4-hour on-site response service to ensure safety and efficiency.

Industrial doors, automated traffic barriers, electric gate or loading bay equipment upgrades, can help in improving safety and productivity. Doors, for example, can be automated with an electrical motor ensuring ease of operation and a more controlled environment. Traffic barriers upgrades can include remote opening hardware, signalling devices. Dock levellers and loading bay area can be upgraded with traffic light, interlocking devices systems, rising the safety and productivity at the loading bay area. Electric gates upgrades can include safety devices hardware, ensuring the safety standard and current regulation are in place.

We cover installation, maintenace & service, emergency repairs for a wide range of products

Door Types

  • Roller Shutter Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • Fast Action Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Curtains Doors
  • Emergency Exit Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Office Doors

Loading Bay Equipment​

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Modular Docks
  • Dock Plates
  • Dock Seals & Shelters
  • Dock Levellers
  • Vehicle Restraints
  • Dock Bumpers
  • PVC Strip Curtains
  • Dock Barrier Safety

Management Equipment​

  • Automated Traffic Barriers
  • Sliding Electric Gates
  • Folding Electric Gates
  • Pedestrian Safety Barriers
  • Site Speed Bumps
  • Traffic Lights Systems
  • Bollards
  • Safety Signage
  • Crash Barriers

We are here to help and facilitate safety and productivity for a wide range of industrial roller shutter door types, electric gates and traffic barriers, dock levellers and other loading bay equipment.

Local Coverage Area For

Installation, Maintenace & Service, Emergency Repair

  • Banbury
  • Rugby
  • Leicester
  • Stamford
  • Peterborough
  • Huntingdon
  • Saint Neots
  • Bedford
  • Milton Keynes
  • Northampton
  • Daventry
  • Market Harborough
  • Corby
  • Kettering
  • Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Royal Leamington Spa
  • Coventry
  • Birmingham
  • Burton-on-Trent
  • Derby
  • Nottingham
  • Grantham
  • Spalding
  • March
  • Cambridge
  • Letchworth Garden City
  • Luton
  • Bicester
  • Newark-on-Trent, Newark
  • Sleaford
  • Boston
  • Wisbech
  • Downham Market
  • Lakenheath
  • Mildenhall
  • Newmarket
  • Saffron Walden
  • Bishop’s Stortford
  • St Albans
  • Watford
  • Aylesbury
  • Oxford

We are here to provide you with a solution for your industrial roller shutter doors, electric gates, traffic barriers, dock levellers and loading bay equipment.

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Doors and Loading Bay Equipment by Industry

Logistic centre telescopic dock leveller repair ServSwift

 Logistic centres are one of the most demanding businesses for industrial roller shutter doors, automated barriers, electric gates, fast action doors, dock leveller and other loading bay equipment. Using the right door type, dock seals and shelters complemented with level crossing equipment, dock leveller, scissor lifts and platforms can facilitate smooth operations for loading and unloading process. Loading bay area can be supplemented with traffic control lights, wheel restraint systems, loading dock safety barriers and trailer dock bumpers and buffers, to ensure a safer and faster workflow for logistic operations. Keeping your loading bay equipment well maintained with maintenance and service schedule can eliminate emergency call-out repairs costs and improve safety and productivity on the loading bay area.

Commercial telescopic dock leveller repair ServSwift

 Commercial sector can include a wide range of door types, from emergency escape doors to fire shutter doors or security shutters to prevent emergencies like fire or criminal acts. All doors and commercial products have stylish design embedded in them from the manufacturing stage. A lack of service and maintenance on fire roller shutter door or another type of door can dramatically increase hazards and reduce profits. Commercial doors and loading equipment service, ensure a safe, productive and appealing place to be. Commercial estates environments can include a mixture of doors, electric gates for the service yard, traffic barriers for the commercial car park and garage. Keeping the equipment well maintained and up to the current regulation is vital for ensuring safety and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing telescopic dock leveller repair ServSwift

 The manufacturing sector can include a wide range of industrial door types, traffic barriers, electric gates, dock levellers and other related loading bay and access equipment. Full loading bay equipment including sectional doors, fast action doors, industrial shutter doors, dock levellers and other loading bay equipment for safety and loading and unloading management. Rapid roll doors tandems to control the environment temperature or other aspect, fire and emergency shutters for protecting workers and assets, traffic lights and safety bollards systems for a safer and more efficient workplace. In the environment of the manufacturing plant, maintenance and service on rapid roll doors, electric gates, dock leveller or access and loading bay equipment are vital for eliminating delays on the manufacturing process.

Door & Loading Bay Equipment 24/7 Emergency Repair